Welcome to the Laughing Coffin WikiEdit

The Laughing Coffin

Welcome to the wiki for Laughing Coffin, a Rise of Mythos guild. If you're a new recruit check out the categories below for answers to your burning questions. We only have 3 guild rules:

#1 Don't donate gold in the guild, use it to make yourself strong.

#2 Spend your silver wisely

#3 Spend your gold wisely

Need help getting started? Check out our Guide to Leveling Up

Annnouncement: Take record of the contents (cards & rarity) of every purchase of master packs, master class packs, and kings packs to send to the guild researcher, Nim, so he can find a way to get legends and godlikes more often or some such nonsense. Thanks -Nim

The screenshots i added are just temporary and since i cant take good screenshots of the cards, help in getting more and better screenshots is appreciated :) -Cstriker

Update Announcement: As u all know this site is only being worked on by a few of us so be patient with it and it will soon be the most helpful site possible for 'Rise of Mythos" and this site will be getting updated every week mostly by either Nim (I will be updating the odds/bosses page every Friday and the research page every Sunday) or someone else so be patient :D -Nim